Corporate production of Intertec instrumentation protective systems

Under the guidance of Intertec Hess GmbH`s German technology, with over 50 years of experience in production of protective systems for instrumentations and critically sensitive equipment such as transmitters, analyzers, actuators etc., from environmental factors like corrosion, UV, temperature changes etc., IWTT has started manufacturing boxes, cabinets and shelters equipped with the leading technology of GRP in different sizes and applications to enhance the life time accuracy and efficiency with the capability of control and heating and cooling systems in active and passive designs inside the package based on internationally known standards.

DIABOX™ (Rear or Bottom Tube Entry)

DIABOX™ is a two-part enclosure with a diagonal opening, providing very easy access to field equipment for maintenance. Tube entry is typically made via the rear or the base. There are three sizes, each of which may be installed vertically or horizontally. When vertically mounted, sizes range from 87 to 187 liters / 3.07 to 6.6 ft3.

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MULTIBOX (top or bottom tube entry)

MULTIBOX is a two-part enclosure that can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and with either the deep or shallow section used as the door (making it easy to access almost every part of the equipment). Instrumentation is usually mounted via C-rails, with tube entry at the top or bottom. Seven standard sizes provide volumes from 25 to 170 liters/0.88 to 6 ft3.

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MINIBOX 21 (for direct mounting)

This compact enclosure is sized to provide cost-effective housing to protect close-coupled single-transmitter installations from overheating. It can also be equipped to provide freeze protection. Its two-part oblong-shape measures 21.8 x 30 x 38.8 cm (21 litres / 0.74 ft3). A patented design allows both sides of MINIBOX to be made to open around the hinge by - completely exposing the equipment for easy field access.

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UNIBOX (bottom tube entry)

UNIBOX is a two-part enclosure with a large top half that folds away to provide open and easy access to the top, front, back and sides of field equipment for maintenance. It is ideal where tube entry needs to be made via the base. There are four sizes ranging from 43 to 63 litres / 1.5 to 2.2 ft3.

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